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Product data’s new best friend.

Syndy enables the world’s most efficient exchange of product content between Retailers and Suppliers.

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How Syndy differs from ‘traditional’ content providers?

Unlike traditional content providers – who extract content from products, or scrape content from the web, and deliver this to retailers – Syndy enables the world’s most efficient flow of trusted product content from suppliers to retailers. Proprietary technology derived from efficient data algorithms and advanced (big) data analytics allows Syndy to claim 99% accuracy on its ‘validated’ product content. Using its platform Syndy automates work, measures content, stimulates ‘good’ content practices, drives team collaboration and builds retailer/supplier relations.

The team at Syndy knows one thing about suppliers; they like control over their product content across the eCommerce space. In addition, they like cost-efficient solutions (i.e. low prices). Funny enough, traditional content providers have suppliers outsource their content management, thereby leaving control with the content provider. The amount of extra work and support results in hefty price tags too. Seems like a mismatch, right? So Syndy offers a great alternative; a platform that gives suppliers 100% control over their content across the eCommerce space at affordable pricing and with full-service support when suppliers need it.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk once said ‘services should not be a source of profit’. We totally agree and offer professional support services – like pack shot photography, copywriting, translations, 3D rendering, 360 images and more – at attractive prices. For example, creating a ‘Syndy Standard’ pack shot costs €6.00, including post-production. The same pack shot costs over €150 at a leading traditional content provider; 25x as expensive! Crazy right? Without any sacrifice on quality we make sure customers – both retailers and suppliers – pay normal fees for support.