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Product content distribution for suppliers that keep you strong and healthy.

Product content distribution for suppliers that keep you beautiful.

Product content distribution for suppliers that spice up your life.

We’re proud to serve Thousands; one of 1,451 suppliers on Syndy.


In e-commerce, retailers need access to digital product content. But each retailer has different needs. So suppliers end up sending different product content to each retailer, making the distribution of product content tedious, error prone and time-consuming. Syndy solves this by empowering suppliers to send customised product content to any retailer, update content real-time and communicate directly with retailers in the most efficient way.

Helping global companies scale locally

Use Syndy as an on-top PIM/DAM solution for local sales & marketing teams. Connect existing data sources, like PIM/DAM/MDM/ERP systems, as well as external data pools like GDSN (GS1), to avoid duplication of content and benefit from a trusted stream of content into and out of Syndy.

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