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How Syndy differs from ‘traditional’ content providers?

Unlike traditional content providers – who extract content from products, or scrape content from the web, and deliver this to retailers – Syndy enables the world’s most efficient flow of trusted product content from suppliers to retailers. Proprietary technology derived from advanced data algorithms and (big) data analytics allow Syndy to claim 99% accuracy on its ‘Validated Content‘. The Syndy platform automates processes, tracks content, rewards ‘good’ content management by suppliers, drives team collaboration, and builds retailer & supplier relationships.

The team at Syndy understands that suppliers want control over their product content across the eCommerce landscape. Traditional content providers have suppliers outsource their product content management, thereby leaving control with the content provider. Extra work from product handling and manage results in hefty price tags. By giving suppliers 100% control over their content and by offering free accounts Syndy introduces a next-level user-friendly solution for suppliers to ship their product content to retailers.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk once said, ‘‘services should not be a source of profit.’’ We totally agree and offer professional support services – like pack shot photography, copywriting, translations, 3D rendering, 360 images and more – at cost-based pricing. For example, creating a ‘Syndy Standard’ pack shot costs about €6,50, including post-production. The same pack shot costs over €150 at a leading traditional content provider; 23.08x more expensive. Without sacrificing on quality we ensure our customers – both retailers and suppliers – pay low prices for support.