Syndy Explained

Syndy offers a corporate secure PIM-DAM environment for brands, retailers and distributors on a local and or global scale. The Syndy Secure Corporate PIM-DAM integrates product information management with digital asset management.

This integration is particularly valuable for businesses that rely heavily on digital assets to market and sell their products. It ensures that product information and associated media assets are synchronized, consistent, and readily available for use in marketing materials, e-commerce websites, catalogs, and other channels.

By using our PIM-DAM, you will be able to benefit from improved product data accuracy, faster time-to-market, enhanced brand consistency, better collaboration among teams, and efficient management of the entire product lifecycle; from creation to distribution.

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Product Information Management

Our Product Information Management (PIM) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that centralizes and streamlines the management of product-related information within an organization. This information typically includes product descriptions, specifications, images, and other data necessary for marketing, sales, and e-commerce.

Key Features

Centralized Data Repository: The PIM system stores all product information in a single location, making it easily accessible to authorized users.
Data Enrichment: Our PIM system allow users to enrich product data by adding detailed descriptions, images, videos, and other relevant information.
Data Consistency: Our PIM ensures that product information is consistent across all channels and platforms, reducing errors and discrepancies.
Workflow Management: Our teams environment in the PIM systems allows communication protocols within the user organization and a ticket system for support or commercial related topics.
Automation: Our PIM offers the possibility for automated data import, export and transformation. This is not limited to standard data models but also allows you to deliver data in the format required by your customer or environment.

Digital Asset Management

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a software solution that helps organizations store, organize, retrieve, and distribute their digital assets efficiently. Digital assets include images, videos, audio files, documents, and other media used in marketing, branding, and content production.

Key Features

Centralized Asset Repository: The DAM system stores all digital assets in a centralized location, making it easy to locate and access them.
Metadata Management: The DAM systems allow users to add metadata (descriptive information) to assets for easy search and categorization.
Version Control: The DAM system often provide versioning capabilities to track changes and revisions to digital assets.
Permissions & Access Control: Our DAM system offer granular control over who can access, download, or edit digital assets.
Integration with other Tools: Via API connectivity, our DAM system can integrate with various sources.