The Syndy platform allows you to connect with basically any source, either via a “handshake” model or fully automated via API connectivity.

As Syndy is a 100% daughter of Icecat NV, we have full access to a huge number of product datasheets. Our platform’s backbone is built on the same taxonomy (data model) as the Icecat database. This means that we will be able to import product data and assets within minutes and have the data ready for processing.

This is a huge benefit for brands, retailers, and distributors since we do not have to address multiple sources. The fact that our data model is based on the same taxonomy as Icecat’s also gives you the possibility to maintain, change, and push master data into the Icecat database again. This is how we provide a fully controlled circle of data management and syndication.

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Next to all the sources Syndy is able to connect to, we also offer an API for retailers. This allows retailers to automatically fetch the relevant product data and content for their shop environment from the specific brands they are collaborating with. The API will replace the semi-automated approach of receiving and processing templates and provide instant visibility. Again, an increase in efficiency in your daily routine and a decrease in your company’s workload are provided by Syndy.

Syndy’s infrastructure is completely secured and provides stability. Product data received, will be stored in our secure cloud environment, Azure Cloud. The product data goes into a Neo4J Graph Database and media is stored in Azure Blob.