The Syndy Dashboard

We value our customers’ opinions, and conversations always lead to new insights. Although our platform was already easy to use, decreasing the time to find information or navigate to pages is always a welcome improvement.

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Quickly Review Brands, Products and User Overviews

Logging in, you will experience a new visual representation service designed to give you a quick overview of all the necessary information you need to manage your business effectively. A dashboard that offers a clear and concise visual representation of your products and their completion status allows you to track their progress and easily ensure timely delivery.

It will also provide you with a comprehensive overview of your brands and channels, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and growth. Next to this, the new dashboard will also provide basic data, such as the number of users.

Corporate PIM-DAM refers to the combination of two essential tools businesses use to manage and organize their digital assets and product information. Let’s break down what each of these acronyms stands for.

Extended Dashboard

Improved Dashboard Functionalities

For customers who would like to even have a broader view on activities executed in the Syndy platform, we offer an even more extensive dashboard. Insights as, user status, easy overview of brands and retailers connected, recent activity and an instant completeness score on assets and mandatory data, are visible. Especially built for e-commerce managers and segment or market leaders in business!

This will provide you with tools that can increase conversion and better manage your online business.