Create retailer specific exports in 3 steps

Serve your customers with quality product content to their standards

Manage your content and distribution!

Syndy enables you to deliver perfect product content to any retailer via our next-generation distribution platform. Syndy is used as a single point of truth for suppliers and retailers. Content can be imported to and exported from the Syndy platform. Your content can be efficiently distributed to all your partners.

Suppliers, retailers and third-party sources can also have a real-time connection with Syndy. Any changes to content will be instantly displayed on a connected party’s website.

What our custmers say

“Thanks to Syndy we can easily deliver the right
product content to all of our local retailers”

Valentine Jager
Friesland Campina

"Syndy enabled us to introduce new efficiencies in the way we source content from suppliers and launch products on"

Jop van Sommeren

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