Manual or API

Manual or API

Syndy offers different possibilities for uploading content into our- and downloading content from our platform. The most used approach, because of the retailer's needs, is still the manual approach. Of course, Syndy can offer API connections in which the data process is completely automated.


You can use the Syndy platform by uploading your product content into the platform manually and distributing this content via our Template Exporter to all your retailers. The data can be filled out by the brand owners or the Syndy staff can assist you with this. The Syndy platform will automatically map your content to the specific formats your retailer needs.

Brand API

Do you want to automate the process? That’s possible! Our development team offers the opportunity to set up APIs directly with your content sources. If you do not have the possibility to fully automate, we can always discuss other (semi-automated) solutions that will involve less manual effort for you as a brand owner.

Retailer API


Plug into our platform

Easily manage and expand your range of products powered with e-commerce content from Syndy

E-commerce ready product pages

Enrich your product pages with relevant consumer information provided by suppliers themselves. We’ll give you access to nearly any type of product content including product media, commercial descriptions, USPs, and more.

Accurate, up-to-date, and customized product content

Get your product pages updated with new content whenever brands make changes in their digital product packaging.

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