General Solutions

Data Delivery, 

At Syndy we support global brands in bringing clarity and control to internal product data management and delivery processes. Purpose-built technology, global scalability, end-to-end integrations, and expert advice for full control. Of course, all data in Syndy is stored in a secure cloud environment.

Advanced PIM & DAM

Syndy was designed to be super easy. You can store, organize and update all your e-commerce product content and assets in one simple and easy-to-use cloud environment.

Template Exporter

Forget filling in content in templates for each retailer or product category. Using our platform you upload content once, which then gets mapped to every retailer format.

Master Data

Fill in the same data across all your templates in one go! Using the Master Data function, you can fill in data for matching fields across different templates in one go.

Global Scalability

Syndy’s Global Assortment feature is a flexible database that allows users to easily unlock new countries and add languages. Start scaling your E-Commerce operations internationally with Syndy.