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For suppliers

What Is Syndy?

Syndy enables you to deliver perfect product content to any retailer, with our next-generation distribution platform. Syndy is used as a single point of truth for suppliers, which means that content can be imported in, and exported out of Syndy, to then be distributed to all retailers.

Retailers can also have a real-time connection with Syndy, so any changes will be instantly displayed on a connected party’s website. As a supplier, you can distribute your product content to any online store, website or mobile app. This is a product content delivery for the 21st Century.

What does Syndy Stand for?
  • Simplicity. We want to make things simple for our consumers, saving them time and money, and ultimately making their overall ecommerce much more efficient. We do this by working closely with suppliers to optimise their product content.
  • Connectivity. We want our suppliers to be able to publish to any retailer in the world. Syndy works to build connections between suppliers and retailers worldwide, in order to facilitate seamless content exchange and to build strong relationships of trust between businesses.
  • Quality. We want to drive higher conversion rates for all of our consumers. Encouraging a higher level of product content allows us to operate in the knowledge that our consumers are all using the best product content possible, leading to maximized sales and an optimized online presence.

Last but not least, Syndy believes in a world where the latest product information is readily available, and where the right content always goes to the right hands. We exist to increase the impact that products have on customers across every channel. We do this through exceptional content and moving at the forefront of digital product representation.

What value will using syndy add to my business?

Syndy will save you money, time and effort. Syndy is user-friendly, offering unlimited user accounts and allowing everyone in your company to get onboard and collaborate.

You can publish to any retailer worldwide within minutes from one platform, meaning you don’t have to publish to each retailer individually. This will save you time, as well as make it easier for you to establish a cohesive and consistent online presence. That being said, you can still tailor your information to meet each retailer’s individual needs.

Syndy offers full-service support across 4 pillars: content creation, management, publishing and content optimisation. This makes your job easier than ever, as you have full-service support from the Syndy team who will cover all your needs, allowing you to get the very best out of your product content. This will boost your product conversion rates, your sales and your overall product impact.

What makes Syndy Special?

Syndy leverages technology to ship the most accurate product content. Unlike traditional content providers, Syndy enables the world’s most efficient flow of trusted product content between you as a supplier, and your retailers. The Syndy platform automates processes, drives team collaboration and builds supplier-retailer relationships.

We also offer a low-entry barrier solution. Our team at Syndy understands that you as a supplier want control over your product content across the ecommerce landscape. By giving you 100% control over your content Syndy introduces a next-level user-friendly solution to publish your product content to retailers. And last but not least, we guarantee you professional, full-service support.

What additional Services does syndy offer?

As a full-service solution, Syndy takes pride in simplifying the entire product content process. For a product’s entire lifecycle, Syndy will ensure that it meets its full potential online. Our services include content creation, be it packaging information or exclusive online content.

Our experienced team also work to create one-of-a-kind media content. This ranges from high-quality pack shots to 3D renderings, 360° images, creative and  video shoots. We can optimise any content: we can customize it to fit retailers’ requirements, refine it for SEO purposes, and perfect it in order to stimulate conversion.

What will a paid account do for me?

After receiving an invite to join Syndy, you can start distributing enriched product content to one retailer free of charge. However, Syndy allows you to distribute and optimize your content across all your retailers in multiple markets. In order to do that, we offer a paid subscription plan. To learn more about the pricing for your company, feel free to request a personalized quote for our software solution.

What do I do after a retailer has invited syndy?

Once a retailer has invited you to join Syndy and you have created your account, you are nearly ready to upload your product content and start sharing it with webshops around the world.

To get started we advise you to check out this guide on how to get started with shipping your product content to a retailer’s webshop. Alternatively, you can drop a line to our customer success team. We’d be glad to help!

What kind of content can i add?

Syndy supports all kinds of content. Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, you can upload any form of content you like, including packaging information, commercial descriptions, stimulating media (360° photography, 3D renderings) and any other content that will take your product content to the next level.

What is validated content?

Validated Content is the ultimate standard of product content richness and quality. It is customised to the retailer’s needs. By validating a product, you make sure that you’ve delivered all the product content requested by your retailer.

How do I publish my content to Retailers?

We have two main types of connections with retailers: API and template integration.

API – Retailers that have a direct API connection with Syndy automatically receive new product content updates made by suppliers on a daily basis.

Template integration – Retailers that do not have an API connection with Syndy, get an export of supplier content on Syndy customised to the retailer’s template. The retailer can then easily make an import to update supplier product content on their webshop.

What is a completeness score? How is it calculated?

Completeness score is a helpful indicator to track how many mandatory fields have been completed so far. After selecting a product, you will see a basic product overview showing all retailers attached to that product. Once you’ve selected a retailer, you need to update the content for it. In order to do so, simply click on each field and start filling in product information. If a field is not applicable to the product, click on ‘Add Content’ and set a toggle to ‘Field is not applicable’, then proceed to the next field. In case you skipped some fields, there will be a total number of missing mandatory fields right on top the very first field.

Completeness score is calculated based on the number of completed fields over the total number of mandatory fields. Once you have completed information about your product, you will see a status of completeness with a bar on a right side as well as a number of completed fields out of total number.

What does channels mean under Products page?

Channels represents retailers and third party companies.

What does the given options of the status drop down menu on the dashboard page represent?

Statuses for products can be the following:

  • In assortment: Product is Active in retailers’ range and Active in their webshop, controlled by the retailer
  • Not in assortment: Product is not Active in the retailers’ webshop, it is not being sold at the moment
  • In/Out Assortment: All products combined
When I want to press the save button on the page, it is not possible because the chat window is blocking it and automatically opens a chat window. How do i press the save button?

Simply press the ‘x’ button on your keyboard to zoom out. Now you can click on the Save button.

What does the number in the channel field mean?

The number in the Channel field stands for the number of channels a product is connected to.

What does the ‘add channel’ option do?

The ‘Add Channel’ option allows you to add a product to multiple retailers.

When media gallery is selected, what does the ‘share with channel’ option do? Why do some assets have a list populated, but others don’t?

In the Media Gallery there is a difference between profile pictures and other pictures. A profile picture is always public and visible for all retailers. Other pictures can be public or private. If you want to make it private, click on ‘Share with Channel’ and select a retailer. From now on, the image will be visible for that specific retailer.

Do I have to be setup in syndy to be able to receive an export?

No, you don’t have to. You can always share export reports via email.

I just added a product. How do I know if it was done successfully?

If you have been able to save the product, it is completed.

How can i change a profile picture?

Find the product. Click on the blue button ‘Media gallery’. Then, drag and drop an image. Once the image is uploaded, click on ‘Set as profile image’ under the appeared image and save it.

How can I add product to the channel?

Under product profile, there is ‘Add Channel’ button. Click on it and select the channel that you want to add your product to as well as the preferred template. Then, click ‘Save’.

How can I delete a product from a product list?

There is a bin symbol on the product profile. When you click on it, a product will be ‘archived’. This means that it won’t appear online. If at some point you want to add the product again, just contact us and we can help you.

I added a new product on Syndy. How long does it take until it appears on a retailers’ side?

It will take 2-3 days. If you don’t see any changes after 3 days, please let us know.

How can i find my products?

You can search for a product by EAN or by product name. Once you login, you can find two search fields with a magnifying glass symbol on the upper left corner of your dashboard.  You can just copy-paste the product EAN or product name and the product will pop up.

How do I login?

Once you registered on our platform, you will receive an email from us asking what brands you are managing. Once you have replied, we will add you to those brands and then you are good to go. Next time just go on https://my.syndy.com/signup, use the same email and password you used used during the registration.

How does the platform work and how much does it cost to connect to the retailers?

It is possible to publish your content to your retailers via Syndy platform. If you are interested in the costs, please email your questions to: info@syndy.com

Is your service just about content management or also about order management?

Our service is focused on Content Management and Distribution. If you want more information, please email your questions to: info@syndy.com  

For retailers

Why should retailers use syndy?

At Syndy we work to bring your webshop to the 21st century with exceptional and innovative product content. We work to maximise your conversion rate and increase sales by creating and distributing engaging product information across your webshop.

With free access to 100% accurate product content from your suppliers, getting this impactful content through Syndy could not be any easier. Simply invite your suppliers to join our platform for free and they can start pushing their content directly to your webshop.

What makes syndy different?

At Syndy we leverage technology to ship the most accurate product content possible. Unlike traditional content providers, we enable the world’s most efficient flow of trusted product content between you and your suppliers. Syndy is unique in that:

  • We only ship the highest quality content to meet your webshop’s standards.
  • We give you complete control over the look and feel of your webshop.
  • You can request any information from suppliers that you desire for your webshop.
  • You are also able to request customised content from suppliers to suit your needs.

Our content optimization services will enable you to create a digital version of your product that is even better than reality, allowing you to generate better conversions and record sales.

Why will my suppliers love syndy?

Syndy has no entry barriers for suppliers; they can get started for free. Our platform has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use, encouraging seamless content distribution for suppliers. There is no limit to the number of team members that can be on Syndy, which means that every supplier department can get involved with creating great product content at any one time. Not only that, but suppliers can use Syndy as their sole platform for distributing great product content to all of their retailers at once, saving them time and money as well as boosting conversion for you.

Our comprehensive onboarding process for suppliers will assure that they are properly introduced to the Syndy platform and are fully supported throughout the content publication process so that they can quickly provide you with all of the content that you need.

Already over 1500 suppliers are using our platform, so chances are a lot of your suppliers are already using Syndy, ready for you to work with!

Should your suppliers opt not to use Syndy, we offer a full range of custom content creation services to get you the content you need. From custom product information to high-quality product photos, we offer a service to suit every need. Contact us for more information.

How does syndy guarantee content quality?

Syndy allows Retailer to access product content straight from the source – Suppliers.

How much control do i have over the content that i receive from syndy?

With Syndy, you are in complete control of your webshop. Through requesting customised content from your suppliers, you can dictate the look and feel of your product pages. You can customise content yourself by editing, or you can request it directly from suppliers. Our retailer-specific templates ensure that you receive product information in a form that’s directly useful to you.

You can also arrange to receive exclusive content from your suppliers, serving to further distinguish your webshop from the crowd.

How do i get started with syndy?

Once you have signed up to Syndy and created an account, you will be onboarded by our customer success team to get you up and running on our platform. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will help you connect with all of your suppliers on Syndy and answer any questions you may have.

Once onboarded, all you need to do is tell us which product content you need, and from whom. We will then be able to deliver the most appropriate and complete product content for your webshop, as well as offer personalised suggestions for product content optimisation and creation.

What types of content can i find on syndy?

Through Syndy’s platform, you can find every type of product content, including basic product information, high-quality media, nutritional information, consumers reviews, EU 1169/2011 compliance, to name just a few. You can find an exemplary product page provided by Syndy here.

Our services go beyond just shipping you a set of templates. Our expert team is ready to guide you through the process of content creation, with personalized recommendations as to how you can improve and optimize your webshop.

How do i extract content?

Our preferred way of extracting product content is through a private API. Alternatively, you can download it in your preferred format, including Excel, CSV, XML. If these options don’t suit you, we can connect to your webshop directly.

Can syndy integrate with my current systems?

Absolutely! At Syndy we can integrate with any existing system: ERP, PIM, DAM and many more. For absolute peace of mind about integrating Syndy with your system, feel free to send us an email, or have a look at our technical specs.

Is syndy compatible with my suppliers systems

Syndy is a plug-and-play platform. We can integrate with all supplier systems – such as ERP/PIM/DAM and many more – even if they themselves are not directly connected to Syndy. This means that your suppliers can keep using their existing system and connect to Syndy at the same time, using us as a content publishing tool.

For further assurance that we can integrate with your suppliers, send us an email, or check out our technical specs.

Technical specs

Can i connect syndy to my internal syste

A connection can always be established between Syndy and your internal system, like a PIM,  ERP or DAM. As a result, Syndy can be integrated with any system, platform or website. This means that you can keep your data in Syndy updated and in-line with the latest information on your systems, making it even easier for you to ensure that your content in Syndy is all up-to-date. You can also use Syndy as a content management tool.  

If you have questions about connecting your systems to Syndy, send us an email and we can perform a tech check for you.

How do I get my content exported out of syndy?

If you are a supplier you can download all of your content directly from Syndy whenever you want, as part of our Paid package. You can also decide which format you want to download information in. As a retailer, you will receive product content already organised into templates that are customised for your webshop, so it is always delivered exactly in the way that you want.

You can also use our API to establish a direct connection with our platform, so that content is exported directly out of Syndy and straight into your system.

is syndy compatible with my internet browser?

Syndy is compatible with every web browser. We do however recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Safari when using Syndy, due to the high speed and technical capabilities of these browsers.

Does syndy work with my partner’s system?

Syndy is familiar with all kinds of different systems, including those of your suppliers, your retailers and any other partners that you work with. This means that you can put all of your content into Syndy and easily share it with whomever you want. Simply tell us the details and we will check which system your partners are using, so that we can work to establish a connection.

Other details?

For more details about Syndy, request a full copy of our technical specs.


How to work with syndy – user guide for suppliers?

Click here for the guide in English: Syndy Supplier Guide (EN)

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Check out this specific guide on how to get started with shipping your product content to a retailer’s webshop

How to work with syndy – user guide for suppliers?

Click here for the guide in English: Syndy Retailer Guide (EN)

Click here for the guide in Dutch: Syndy Retailer Handleiding (NL)