PDF: Why PIM Isn’t Enough

Released: 23 January, 2019

Why Product Information Management (PIM) isn’t Enough for Brands to dominate e-Commerce

Executive Summary

The Webwinkel Vakdagen are one the leading e-Commerce events in the Benelux. Syndy’s CEO Pieter van Herpen presented ‘Why Brands should think further than Product Information Management’ as a key strategy to win at e-Commerce.

As part of his presentation, Pieter reflected on the differences between direct and indirect online sales channels for brands, like a brand’s D2C webshop vs. a retailer marketplace like Amazon.com. When working with third-party retailers like Amazon, brands must find ways to send the right product content to each retailer.

Most PIM systems are single-tenant solutions, designed around data models of the client. However, a vital part of e-Commerce is getting product content to online retailers. In addition, most retailers seek differentiated content delivery in formats of their choice, like Excel sheets. Now PIM systems struggle to convert content into different formats. So an on-top solution is needed, like’s Syndy’s middleware platform that converts brand content into any retailer format, ready to be delivered real-time…