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September 2019

Syndy’s research team explored the Ins & Outs of the 2019 Product Information Management Market in The Netherlands. Find out what we discovered by downloading the report (Dutch only!)

January 2019

Download the slides of CEO Pieter van Herpen presented during the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2019. Brands were reminded of the importance of a Product Content delivery strategy for e-Commerce success, and how to implement such solutions on-top of Product Information Management (PIM) setups.

5 fatal product content mistakes

October 2015

In our free ebook, you will find the 5 most common product content mistakes that retailers and suppliers make when selling their products online. You’ll also find out how to avoid these problems, with the best in class examples of companies who are already doing it right.

Syndy - The state of online grocery retail 2015

July 2015

Syndy’s most recent study analyses the latest e-grocery developments across the hottest markets in Europe including the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. In this report, we also overview the growing Indian e-grocery market.

The Online Grocery Shopper

September 2014

Do you know which type of consumers buy groceries online? At Syndy we didn’t – so we set out to answer this question. We were curious to understand the typical profile of today’s online grocery shopper, with the goal to share this information with our customers and prospects.

State of online grocery in Europe 2014

May 2014

In this report, Syndy shines a light on the most apparent online retailing trends seen across the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom; countries we picked as they represent the most active online grocery markets in Europe. As a benchmark we also look at the United States; the largest and most experienced e-grocery market in the world.