Product Content Sourcing, Simplified.

Syndy’s unique Product Content Sourcing platform empowers Retailers to build a robust, in-house eCommerce product content acquisition ecosystem. One unified platform experience to on-board any supplier, implement robust multi-source strategies, manage and enrich all content using Syndy’s PIM and DAM, control content quality and build real-time API connections for eCommerce and omni-channel success.

“Syndy enabled us to introduce new efficiencies in the way we source content from suppliers and launch products on”

Jop van Sommeren

E-Commerce manager,

A new approach to Product Content Sourcing

We live in a world where digitally savvy consumers expect nothing less but a flawless online shopping experience. And product content plays a vital role here. Not just content but rich, custom-made content that helps consumers to make the right purchasing decisions. Yet sourcing such content can be extremely complicated for retailers. It requires a multi-channel sourcing approach for all suppliers and 3rd party content providers. To help retailers we built Syndy.

eContent Sourcing

Collaborate with Brands to source customised product information and digital assets for your product pages in line with your own requirements.

eContent Management and Enrichment

Enrich content on Syndy using data from existing ERP/MDM/PIM/DAM or Data Pools and use Syndy to create your internal source of truth for eContent.

Digital Asset Management

Store and manage your digital assets using Syndy’s. The platform was built to support omni-channel content including all pack shots, 3D renders, 360 degree images, videos and more.

eContent Publishing

Inject product content from Syndy into your online store via a direct API connection or using one of Syndy’s easy-to-use content export tools.

Retailer – Supplier Collaboration

Forget e-mail. Syndy enables you to work directly with all of your Suppliers. Receive custom content, request new content and work together to drive your online sales.

In Syndy they trust

With the help of Syndy these retailers improved the way they source content from suppliers, with lowered costs and increased online sales as key benefits.





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