ebook: 5 fatal product content mistakes

Released: October 22nd, 2015

5 Fatal Product Content Mistakes that are killing your e-commerce growth

Executive Summary

Have you ever heard that the best way to learn is from your mistakes? Us too.

Whether it’s a branding mistake, a misguided photo opportunity or a waffling description, we’ve all made mistakes. But sometimes taking the time to look back at your past mistakes is a lengthy (not to mention painful) process.

Well fear no more: In our free ebook, we have identified and compiled the 5 most common errors that companies make when selling their products online. From titles and product information to pictures and consumer reviews, each and every component of the product page has been analysed and deconstructed so that you can stop yourself from making the same mistakes. We have also put together some examples of product content done right, so you can nail each and every part of your product content.

5 fatal product content mistakes